Pejman Yousefzadeh

Aug 26

Once Upon a Time, Warren Buffett Was Barack Obama's Favorite Billionaire -

The campaign against corporate inversions falls apart some more.

Quote of the Day -

You should be outraged by this.

I Really Don't Like Writing Blog Posts about Anti-Semitism . . . -

Discourse has reached a sorry state.

Aug 25

When Busybodies Attack -

Un. Real.

Remember How Obamacare Is Supposedly No Longer a Campaign Issue? -

In non-shocking news, Greg Sargent and Paul Krugman continue to be wrong.

This Blog Post Is Dedicated to Stephen Bainbridge -

More on the faux controversy over tax inversions.

Quote of the Day -

Inconvenient truths for the morally and intellectually blind.

Hillary Clinton Continues to Live Down to Expectations -

Profile in Cowardice.

Aug 23

A Truly Great Way to Resolve the Washington Redskins Controversy -

I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it.

Yes Virginia, Republicans Are Still Making an Issue of Obamacare -

Facts are stubborn things.

Yes Virginia, You Can Be Both a Liberal and a Zionist -

Yet another debate I can’t believe we need to have.

Quote of the Day -

Take note.

Some Common Sense on Corporate Tax Inversions -

In which someone finally decides to be reasonable.

That’s a lot of bull.

That’s a lot of bull.

That’s right. My peeps get a gallery.

That’s right. My peeps get a gallery.