January 14th, 2013

Reviewing the Bidding

So, let me see if I have this straight.

Leon Panetta—a man—is going to leave his position as secretary of defense. Barack Obama wants him to be replaced by Chuck Hagel—a man.

Michael Morell—a man—is going to leave his position as acting director of central intelligence. Barack Obama wants him to be replaced by John Brennan—a man.

Hillary Clinton—a woman—is going to leave her position as secretary of state. Barack Obama wants her to be replaced by John Kerry—a man.

Timothy Geithner—a man—is going to leave his position as secretary of the treasury. Barack Obama wants him to be replaced by Jack Lew—a man.

Since making Jack Lew—a man—the secretary of the treasury would require him to leave his current position as chief of staff, Barack Obama will have to nominate someone else for that position. According to the New York Times, the choice is down to Ronald Klain and Denis McDonough—both men. The Times further notes the following:

What is striking, especially at a time when Mr. Obama has come under criticism for the scarcity of women among his top officials, is that both the deputy chiefs of staff to Mr. Lew are well-regarded women and neither seems to have been considered for promotion.

More here. Don’t look now, but when it comes to personnel choices in the Obama administration, there appears to be some kind of war on women going on. I wonder—as others have—if at some point, the president is going to issue a call for binders.

December 13th, 2012

If You Listen Closely, You Can Hear Crickets

A Democratic congressman’s son engages in violence against his (the son’s) girlfriend, and said congressman—who is an odious character in his own right—responds by claiming that said girlfriend suffered her injuries because of a broken high heel(!). This despite the fact that the domestic abuser in question pleaded guilty to assault.

Yes, you read that right. More here. And yes, it is shocking that assault of such viciousness and ferocity—which busted the girlfriend’s nose and broke her skull—is met with only probation as a response from the justice system.

Any decent person ought to be repulsed by this, of course. But repulsion appears to be a partisan issue. Note this link, which indicates that the overwhelming number of blogs covering this issue are right of center. I guess that whole “war on women” thing is over now that the election has come to an end, and the people who spent much of the year complaining of a “war on women” (in order to discomfit Republicans, you understand) are noticeably silent since this story can’t be used to further their partisan interests.


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